Obsolete stuff

AccountPolicy Set NT User Account Policy from command line. This is obsolete and hasn't been changed for years, but people seem to still occasionally use it. (It can do a couple of things the native tools can't, such as setting the lockout duration to "forever", and annoying someone by making their password expire every 3 minutes :-)

OpenNTPd Starting after 3.5, OpenBSD acquired a small, secure NTP daemon written by Henning Brauer and Alexander Guy. I have added autoconf and a portability layer, and currently the result runs on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris as well as OpenBSD. There has been far more interest in this than I anticipated: henning created a website, and before it has even been officially announced, there has been a FreeBSD Port (thanks to naddy, who also helped with some build fixes), a FreshMeat page created and an article at undeadly.org.

ReverseProxy patch for rewriting HTTP redirects (Using Apache, mod_perl and ReverseProxy.pm).

Unix process-level debugging How Unix debugging tools were used to track down a low-level problem with IBM Tivoli Remote Control, written as a mini-tutorial.

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